Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy - your new best friend

Hello and welcome to Apple a Day Nutrition. I'm Sam Downton and I'm passionate about nutrition. If you've ever felt the pure relief of a cold drink on a hot day, you'll know something about how our bodies feel when we put the right stuff in. It's such a joy when my clients tell me that having tried everything in the book they are amazed at how good they look and feel by changing just a few food choices. We are all individual and have different nutritional needs and this is something that isn't always considered by the mainstream. My nutritional advice is practical, simple and works with your likes, dislikes and other individualities that you have to help and support you reaching your goal. So if you've tried every prescription, fad diet and remedy in the book, why not start with the basics and begin a new relationship with food.

Based at Natural Lifestyles Health Food Shop in Newport Pagnell, my clients visit me from all of Milton Keynes and the surrounding villages. My advice is complimentary to traditional medicines, and can also be used as an alternative remedy to help with everything from digestive problems, skin complaints, breathing difficulties, allergies, headaches, excess weight, and so much more, for adults and children alike. I use various diagnostic tools such as food intolerance testing, Iridology and blood type to provide naturopathic nutritional advice tailored for you. Check out my full range of services or simply get in touch today, and take the first step towards a happy body and a new you. Naturopathic nutritional therapy may become your new best friend.