How I can help...

My goal is to help you improve your health, supporting you to enjoy a happier, healthier life. It is an unfortunate fact of modern living that we are witnessing a steady increase in disease and sickness. Chronic illnesses have reached almost epidemic proportions with one in three of the population currently predicted to develop cancer. Yet ill health can only exist in a body that is out of balance. Very often, dietary change is all it could take to restore that balance and elevate the body to a state of optimum health. From simple dietary alterations, to a full body detoxification, the application of Nutritional Therapy could be the answer to your current health problems.

The following areas are just a few of the most commonly requested. Whatever your particular need or question just ask!

Back to Myself Nutritional Package
£135 (consultation & 2 follow-up appointments) If you're just not feeling your old self perhaps because of a medical condition, stress and anxiety, over tiredness or excess weight etc, this is for you. A consultation takes around an hour. During this time I will ask you health related questions and will take a full history covering previous/present medical issues, family medical history and dietary history. I will then discuss with you the best way forward to help you achieve your aims.

At the end of your consultation you will have a list of dietary adjustments, suggestions for dietary support, and supplementation recommendations, if I consider this necessary. Normally after 4 weeks, you will have a follow-up consultation where we will discuss any improvements in how you feel and any follow-up requirements. One further follow-up appointment will follow 4 weeks later.

Weight Loss - are you switched on?
(price based on your individual requirements)
Your body is a fat-burning machine. However the right fat-burning enzymes & hormones need to be literally switched on' for them to be effective. I could help you become in tune with your body enabling you to not only lose weight but have consistently high energy levels, a strong immune system and elevated mood levels. On top of that you may also have clearer skin and a renewed self-confidence.

Take me food shopping
1.5 hours shop - £60
Advice on how to shop, what to buy & what to be aware of with regards to marketing.

Group Sessions - A fun and informative session with a group of friends. Mornings, afternoons or evenings.
1.5 - 2 hour session. £15 per person (max 8 people) .
Get general advice within a relaxed group environment & among friends. Includes tasters of various food & drink along with practical information regarding how to incorporate the benefits of healthy food into your daily life and the lives of your family.

Children's Nutrition - give them a good start
(price based on your individual requirements)
Our children are increasingly suffering from more allergies, & congestion than at any other time in history. As a mother of two young children myself I have a vested interest in how nutrition affects their mood, behaviour and performance both at school during sporting activities. Nutritional therapy could help with modern diseases such as skin problems, breathing difficulties & recurrent infections giving your child improved vitality & potentially freedom from orthodox medicine.

Stress Buster
(price based on your individual requirements)
Stress and anxiety have a profound effect on our health & the symptoms can manifest years after a stressful experience. I can give you advice which could help your body to help itself recover, maintain & repair, giving you the freedom to manage your stress without it having a adverse effect on your health.

Also... I treat all age groups and I practice in accordance with each individual's requirements. I believe that the success of any treatment is reliant upon a client's willingness to undertake the suggestions which are agreed upon during the consultation. As such, I will never insist you do anything that you feel you will be unable to carry out.

I am happy to give one-off consultation sessions where I can offer simple dietary advice. However, if you are dealing with a particular health issue or are trying to lose weight, monthly follow-ups are strongly recommended. During a follow-up session I am able to monitor your progress. I will also provide the motivation you need to help you succeed in achieving your goal.

Whatever your need, just ask!