All in Package – a unique 12 step program

The all in package with Sam and Apple A Day nutrition has been designed to help support you to your aim of achieving optimal health and well-being.

This 12 step program has been devised by Sam to motivate, educate and take you through various stages to support wellness in a number of areas including digestive, emotional and psychological health aiming to explore root causes rather than just treating symptoms.

What are the 12 steps?

In order to maintain, optimise or improve health and resilience there are 12 areas that may be addressed. The body works synergistically with cross over between all areas for the benefit of the whole. The 12 focal areas of an individual’s biological, emotional and behavioural terrain highlight key elements that may require attention for optimisation of health and resilience that may be managed by elements of self care, along with guidance from Sam and other suitably qualified practitioners.

  1. Appreciate the genetic background and family history of an individual.
  2. Establish balance of blood sugar and flexibility of burning fat for fuel.
  3. Optimise digestive potential.
  4. Optimise overall cell health.
  5. Increase immune system performance.
  6. Limit oxidative stress.
  7. Support neuro-endocrine (brain-hormone) performance.
  8. Support circulation and lymphatic system efficiency.
  9. Minimise toxic burden.
  10. Transform natural biorhythms to reduce stress levels.
  11. Enhance psychological and emotional well-being.
  12. Support social environment and life purpose.

What is included?

  • Individual full case history taken
  • 5 further sessions for follow – up educational and motivational support
  • Individualised advice based on your case history and current situation
  • Body composition analysis
  • Blood type analysis
  • Iodine patch test
  • Meal plans
  • Iridology analysis
  • Fluid intake advice
  • Lorisian Food Intolerance Test (100 foods)
  • Fix your mood with food information
  • Discounted supplements
  • Free gift
  • Information folder for results and advice

Optional Extras

  • Brunel Core 10 vitamin and mineral test
  • Upgrade to food intolerance test (150+)
  • DNA testing


The all in package costs £500.

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